The painting below is what began all the May 5 posts following this.  I took the photo in 1997 because the light on the waterfront was like a spotlight picking out the red and blue buildings (red is Adams & Knickle company, blue is Clearwater).  I wanted to do a large painting and bought a 4x6-foot canvas.  Once I'd brought it home from the art store, I couldn't get it back into my van, try as I might.  Fortunately Scott, a painting friend, came over and asked if I had a big canvas I might sell him as the art store was out and the owner, Betty, suggested I might.  I might and I did.  His van had a bigger back lid.

As it is not the sort of painting I usually do, I took time to think about how I'd go about painting it.  And also I moved north from the South Shore of Nova Scotia to the bottom of the Annapolis Valley. in the meantime.  In the winter of 09-10 I gridded my panel and copied the photo onto it, but other things prevented my doing any more.  I've been working on it all this winter and have finally finished it...I think!  It is the originator of all the small paintings that follow.  Next I'm hoping to do an abstraction of it.... 

Lunenburg Waterfront from Hospital Hill
Because of solid fences and tree growth, this view is no longer possible to see when driving by.  I am glad I had my camera with me this day the sun shone so beautifully on Lunenburg's waterfront.

It will be in a show at the Lunenburg Art Gallery opening 30 August 2011.